Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WVU vs UCONN 2006: Damn this parking lot is muddy

Hey folks... Long time no Blog.... Thought I would try and make myself Blog some more... There are so many interesting things going on in my life... I should get them out there and start sharing my coolness with the world! DAMNIT!

Ok So Allison and I went to the WVU vs UCONN game this past friday night... and let me tell you... it was nuts. We went with Caleb and Sean, friends of our from back in WV. They flew up for the game. If you want to see what happened read the synopsis here at WVGAMEDAY.com

But to give you the brief version... It was wet, cold and windy... But the Sam Adams and Brats kept us warm...

I decided I wanted to try and get on ESPN so I wore a wig... Check it out..

Caleb decided that he wanted to show off for the UConn fans... so he brought out the naked Hillbilly... Check it out.

A good time was had by all... Stay tuned for more Blogging... I have big news coming up in a few days... and... I am going to Vegas in two week... Just for Cigars!!! WHOOOO HOOOO


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