Tuesday, February 28, 2006

HPT 158.... What a week!

Ok so, I am done with another year of working for Havard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals and it was another great year. The show, "Some Like it Yacht" is playing now thru March 19th in Cambridge and is great. It was fun spending a week working in Theatre and reminds me every year that I don't miss those hours at all!!! HOLY LORD!!!

Got to meet and see Richard Gere this past friday, as he was this year's Man of the Year. Every year they pic a man and woman of the year, that they then bring up onto stage infront of a national audience (it is usually on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, all those shows...) and roast them. Basically they make fun of them for like 20 minutes... and then they get a little golden Pudding Pot! The week before, I got to see them roast Halle Berry, who was totally OFF THE HOOK!!!!

But as always it is cool to work with some great HARVARD kids and some even greater professional theatre people.... So thanks to John, Krista, Manny, Frish, Drew, Rusty, Lauren, Tony, Karen, Matt, and all the other cool people! And Wojtek for learning something in 2 days that usually takes someone weeks to learn.... YOU DA MAN!

Anyway.... hope you enjoy the picture... (especially the ones of Halle Berry!)


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