Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cap in your ass......

ok... so my buddies gave me a kick ass batchalor party tonight... and it was great! But with greatness comes... great stories!!!

So we went out to dinner tonight... and hung out... got some grub... and then decided that we wanted to go out and hang at some bars... so we do.... We went to a couple of places of the south side of "The Burgh" Had a couple of beers at the Blue Note and then went to Popirazzi's where a cool band threw down the funk!

Then we decided to end the night with a visit to the local adult dancing establishment. Which was like many of the other fine dancing establishments that you may have been to.... But, as the night ended we walked outside to try and catch a cab back to our hotel.... and as we waited for out cab a great battle of the over 21, but yet, not quite grown-up kids, decided that they were going to FIGHT.... and so as we stood outside waiting for our cab... We saw all these kids

break into a fight... after watching these guys kick and punch each other for about 2 minutes... we decided to go back into the then closed establishment, when one of the kids opened his truck and started to reach inside for something....... YEA! So anyway... we waited inside for about 20 minutes while the manager of the dancing establishment, until the PPD showed up and calmed the situations... I tell you, if you are going to have a batchalor party... just make sure your don't get shot!

I will blog more about the crazyness of the weekend tomorrow... Including... the cab ride back to the hotel.... and Dingo asking random people if they are strippers!!


Blogger Chad Burdette said...

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Blogger Chad Burdette said...

how dare you go to those types of establishments...very disappointed in you my friend

10:07 PM  

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