Wednesday, December 14, 2005


As I stated in a post from a month ago about Walmart, I am really not sure how they make money!!! So Allison and I went in this Christmas with her sister and Brother-in-law to but her father a big $200 high tech safe. We ordered it from the Walmart online store and had it shipped. (it was like 50 bucks to ship it!). Then a week or so later 2 boxes were delivered to us. I thought.."hummmm, i just thought it was one box?!?!?" So upon opening the boxes... There was a safe in each box. Freaked out, I check my online banking and sure enough, the fine folks at walmart only charged me for one. So yet again... Walmart has given the best gift of all this year... FREE STUFF...

For those of you keeping score... Sam Walton and family have given us a total of $303.48 in free gifts this year.... Ho ho ho... STUPID!


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