Friday, December 02, 2005


OK... So I am going to spend a lot of time on my Blog... Blogging about music... cause it is something that I am very opinionated about... So here is my first new Album Review....

John Mayer Trio - TRY!

Ok so really... I am a milder fan of him and his pop silliness... BUT! I think I now understand him better... sometimes in order for muscians to play the music they are passionate about... they need to sell out (which seems to be the opposite case for Dave Matthews... do good music, then seel out) and I think that John Mayer is proving that... Surrounding himself with the amazing rhythm section of Pino Palladino (a Welsh bass player who has spend most of his 20+ year career as a studio muscian for artist as great as Eric Clapton, D'Angelo, Al DiMeola, and Femi Kuti {Fela's Son}) and Steve Jordan (NYC born drummer who has also played with Eric Clapton, Cheryl Crow, Spiro Gyro, and JAMES BROWN!).

The first single "Who Did You Think I Was" is really shades of Hendrix. That great groove feel with a bluesy undertone. The connection between the three muscians really reminds me of the heyday of Cream when Clapton and Bruce would match notes perfectly with Ginger just laying it on thick!

A few other standouts on this album (even though I honestly listen to the think top to bottom without skipping a tune) are the title track "Try!" and "Out of My Mind" for just the raw blues power that Mayer gives via his guitar playing. I also really enjoyed the version of Ray Charles' "I Got a Woman" for the funky entertainment value.

I think that Now Mayer is able to show what he really has in him... The Blues of SRV and Double Trouble, with the openness of The Jimi Hendrex Experience, and the parliament! I am really happy with this album and I hope that this new stone that Mayer has turned in him musical

As much as it may pain me to say this (mostly because John Mayer to me, up until this point, was mostly riding the coat tails of the acoustic popness of the Dave Matthews Band era) this may be my favorite album of 2005 with only 27 days left in the month, I don't think that anything will top this for me! I know... sick!

ok... that is what I think... so it must be right!


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