Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thank to the UK

Well once again we have recreated a UK gameshow into american greatness! Yes, I am referring to The Discovery Channel's americanized version of "Cash Cab"

It is great! People get into a cab in New York, and tell the drive to take them to a destination... and then lights start flashing and music starts playing and they freak out. Basically the cab takes them to their destination, but they have to answer questions on the way. They get money if they get them right and they get strikes if they miss any. 3 Strikes and the driver boots them onto the street wherever they are! I really just want to goto NYC and look for the cab. The host, Ben Bailey, makes fun of the people in the cab, especially the stupid ones! It is a good time. You should totally check it out on Discovery Channel, evenings at 6p EST!

Plus the lights on the cab ceiling are freakin cool!


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