Friday, November 18, 2005

OK really....

Ok so got my AMex bill today... I had spent about 250 bucks at Costco last month. So anyway, got my bill and it stated that I had the activity at Costco, but then it had that I made a $5,000 payment! I freaked... Checked my online bank account and it had that I had that the payment that I had made last month was the ammount due... So I call.. Why i don't know. I call the 800 number and say... hey... you have me with a huge 5,000 credit on my card... and the lady on the other side of the phone said... hey.... we see that we recieved a 5,000 payment... and I say... hey... nope... and she (who spoke broken English) said, "nope... we recieved a 5,000 payment from you last month, sorry I can't help you" So... I think that I might go out and buy a big TV and tell AMex that they said I could!!! Dumbass Bastards!

I deal with stupid people on a daily basis!

In good news... Don and Mike maybe on Sirius! That makes Craig Happy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meow why would you call?
Meow do you know how stupid that is?
Meow don't do it again?

Your lost and loathing friend,

9:31 PM  

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