Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Henry Ford would Cry!

OK. So I drive a big Ford F-250. It was due for a sticker this month and needed some work done to it. So as usual I take it to my local Ford Dealership Service department. I usually don't have a bad time with them... But I guess that jinxed me!

I drop it off and tell them that I need the Driver side turn light replaced, cause it isn't working and my yearly inspection. The guy at the desk takes my notes and they take my truck to work on. They call... say "it's ready for you" I go get it. He goes over everything they did, including repairing the light. And then gives me the keys. So I get in my truck and leave.

As I am driving home, I see people flipping my off everytime I try and turn left. Why you ask? Cause my friggin turn light still isn't working. So I call back... and he says, ohh well we knew we had to order a part. Why didn't you tell me that? And you passed it on the state inspection... Idiot


Anonymous Chad said...

YEah Ford is stupid like that...did I tell you about taking my FOCUS in

10:35 PM  

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